Hair Extension Installation

I am now certified with Babe Hair! I am excited to be able to offer Tape In hair services as well as Fusion!

Price Break Down

Tape in 14” - $100 per pack

Tape in 18” - $160 per pack

Tape in 22” - $200 per pack

Fusion 18” - $100 per pack

Fusion 22” - $160 per pack

Tape in Installation - $75 per pack

Fusion Installation - $100 per pack

Removal $80

Removal & Install - $200+ ( this varies on how much hair I am re installing)

Extension Q&A

Q) How many packs do I need?

A) This depends on how thin/thick you hair is. Most people can get away with 4-5 packs. However if you hair is extremely thick, you can sometimes need 5-7 for blending. All of this will de discussed in our consultation prior to day of installation so we know well in advance what amount is going to work for you!

Q) How long does the hair last?

A) With proper at home care, you can re install the hair up to three times. This includes regular trims! Just like our own hair, extensions can also have split ends, a good deep conditioner and heat protectant is an absolute MUST.

Q) Will hair extensions damage my hair?

A) If done properly, no. You will notice shedding with removal as we do shed hundreds of hair a day. There will always be hairs that get caught up in the tape, or fusion residue. however that is 100% normal.

Q) How often should I get them moved up?

A) This depends on how quickly your hair grows. Most people come in every 6-8 weeks. When tape ins are grown out to the point of excessive movement, then you know it is time! you have a bit more wiggle room with fusion extensions but I always recommend 6-8 weeks.

Q) What is the best product for at home care?

A) This will also be discussed in consultation, There are many products that are amazing for extensions. As long as they are sulfate, paraben, alcohol free.. you are all set! I encourage my clients to go with what I recommend, these are an investment and you need to treat them as you would your own hair. This means NO drugstore shampoo please please please.

Q) Can I remove them myself?

A) It is best you come into the salon. I have seen to many people loose hair they didn’t need to, or ruining their hair they paid $1000’s for. It is a quick and easy service I am more than happy to provide. So please avoid at home removal at all costs.

Q) Can I wash my hair as normal?

a) Absolutely! I always tell my clients just give your roots a little more love and be mindful of the extension placement. Also always avoid conditioner on the scalp. mids and ends ONLY! If you can, try and keep washing to 2-3 times a week. Hair extensions don’t have the luxury of real oils, this means they are more prone to dryness.

Q) Why are extensions so expensive?

A) This is my most asked question! The hair itself is human Remy. Remy meaning, the hairs cuticle all lays the same way. This is the best type of hair because it will have little to no matting if taken care of properly. Another factor to price, is the time it takes to install. Especially with fusions! These are tedious and require a lot of time and attention.