What is the best thing about being a hair stylist?

I never wanted to have a career where everyday is the same old thing and it feels like my life is on repeat. Yes, I would be doing hair everyday but meeting different people and learning new techniques is probably the best part. The industry is always changing and styles are constantly changing which makes education on going! All in all never a dull moment!

Were you scared that cosmetology school wasn’t for you once you got started?

I remember the first time my instructor told us we would be taking clients, I was beyond nervous.. but I knew this is what I was meant to do. My first client was an elderly lady named Helen, I will never forget the bond I had with her, she was a weekly client and I felt like she was family. I got to know everything about her life, her children, her days spent with the care takers at the home she lived in. So to answer the question, yes I had my doubts, but once I became hands on and started building relationships, the rest just flowed!

Did you always have a keen interest in blondes?

Absolutely not!! When I was shown the standard foiling technique in school, my first thought was “oh god, this is going to be so boring.” Of course at the time I was young and didn’t know that once you are out of hair school, your creativity soars! I was so use to the standard “yellow blond” because that was the only thing we were ever really shown. With that being said, once I was out on my own working with seasoned stylists, figuring out new techniques, new formulas… Blond quickly became my specialty. I LOVE the before and after of a good set of foils with a slight root melt!!

Have you ever worked in a salon?

I have worked in a few different salons since 2013. From the very beginning I kind of knew the salon life wasn’t for me. Why? In all honesty, this industry isn’t easy! I hate when people say it either makes you or breaks you, I could not disagree more! I believe all stylists are unique and have their own way of doing things. If I don’t fit in where I am at, I do not change, I am unapologetically me. Which brings me to my point, FIND YOUR PEOPLE. I am still searching, and when the day comes where I have a gut feeling this is the salon I am meant to be in, that is where you will find me :)

Was it hard starting over in Calgary?

I wouldn’t say it was hard, but it hasn’t been easy. I moved here in 2015 and just bit the bullet, made business cards, got a start on social media, mostly facebook at the time. I knew very few people when I moved here, so getting the word out that I was doing mobile services was tricky. Most of my clients were friends I ended up meeting at work. At the time I was only doing hair on my days off so it was enough for me to fit everyone in, get to know them, and keep spreading the word. I have made a ton of long lasting friendships doing what I do and love that I am able to meet even more people along the way!

What is the best part about having your own space?

Oh where do I begin? I LOVE being able to accommodate everyone’s schedules. I do work a 9-5 Monday to Friday, so I know the struggle of booking in at a salon. Besides that, It’s just one on one time with my clients.. being a stylist you are basically a therapist too! I don’t know about you but when I found my stylist who has her own studio it was a DREAM not to have other people over hearing the things I say! So I am grateful I can provide a space where I am able to listen to my clients and give them a free and open space to say what they want! Lets be real, everyone over shares with their stylist!

Favorite brands for at home hair care?

I love Milkshake hair care and Moroccan Oil! Milkshake has the BEST purple shampoo for all my ash babes! Moroccan oil repair shampoo and conditioners are my go to for back bar and at home use if you want to keep your hair silky smooth :)