What if I just want a trim?

- Price of a trim is the same as a hair cut. A trim requires more attention to detail. Price does not vary by what is taken off.

Why do color prices vary?

-length, texture, density are all key points when determining cost. Time and product also factor in and will be discussed in the consultation.

Do you still offer mobile services?

- Mobile services are not available to new clients, but may be discussed with existing clients for additional cost of travel.

When are you booking for weddings, events etc..

- feel free to email me or head over to bookings with any inquires & we will go from there! Consultation and costs will be added to my services later in 2019! Also I plan to add a gallery soon with all of my more artsy type styles!

What type of payment do you accept?

- I accept cash, Mastercard and Visa, if you are paying debit it does have to be an e-transfer that MUST be sent before leaving.